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Derek Ivany, Chief Executive Officer, Director

Derek Ivany

Chief Executive Officer, Director

Mr. Ivany's career focus has been as an international business advisory consultant focusing on the Asia Pacific region. Mr. Ivany has organized and structured financing's & investor marketing plans in the order of over $110 million dollars. Derek has served as a consultant and held directorships for several successful publicly traded companies in both the mineral resources sector and the Oil & Gas sector.

Hercules Galang, VP of Business Development, Director

Hercules Galang

VP of Business Development, Director

Hercules Galang has worked for TD Bank for the last 17 years where he worked his way up from an entry level position to Financial Planner for TD Waterhouse and shortly after Mortgage Specialist where he has won the Gold Club membership 3 years in a row and the Platinum Club membership for 2 years in a row. Presently, Hercules holds the Paragon Sales award representing the top% in all of Canada.

Leandro Dumlao, Chief Strategy Officer, Director

Leandro Dumlao

Chief Strategy Officer, Director

Leandro brings a wealth of experience from the web media industry to our corporation. he has has most recently developed the full media strategy for FanXchange.com as Senior Manager. Leandro has also developed and implemented key marketing strategies for Hewlett Packard Canada. While with HP, the program was considered one of the best managed HP online marketing programs in the World. And (Also), as creative lead, he managed several media related projects for other high profile technology firms during the last 9 years.

About Myriad Interactive Media Inc.

At Myriad Interactive Media, we’re creating a world of possibilities one campaign at a time. Myriad is an interactive marketing and development firm designing your tomorrow. Defined by creativity, energy, and results we’re delivering a new way of thinking to our clients, and with competition in every facet of business only intensifying every single day, we’re greatly enhancing each client’s ability to compete.

Our world class team of professionals identifies a client’s market and then tailors a goal intensive campaign that highlights their business model. We use our team’s years of expertise to vastly expand a client’s footprint and move them to the forefront of their competing space. Whether it’s Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Web Development, Graphic Design, or Corporate Branding, we have a solution to fit any business whose aim is to compete.

In addition to growing our client’s footprint, helping them to compete, and defining their market, we’re also growing and moving Myriad into new developing markets. Myriad Interactive Media will be a strong player in the Daily Deals space. Our cutting edge technologies combined with a team focused on pushing Myriad into the Daily Deals conversation has developed a platform second to none, and we are currently implementing that technology in Brazil. We have an eye on dramatic growth in Brazil and throughout South America using our platform, CouponZilla, as a model to redefine the industry, and we’ll use that same technology to forge our own path into Daily Deals offerings.

We are always looking for talented people whom only strive for excellence.


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